Dejah Amos

Dejah Amos


I am a firm believer that everyone holds the capacity to heal all the components of their life. I have a passion for helping others see their full potential through. People can benefit from space and guidance, and by focusing on their abilities and strengths, they can overcome many life transitions. 

I care about supporting others and learning what care and space I can provide to create a beneficial therapeutic relationship. Being able to help others foster healthy relationships and reimagine their life difficulties is my job. 

I use a comforting, trust-based approach to emphasize the importance of being genuine from both you and me in the room to collaboratively facilitate goals and directives for what you need in your life. I strive to create a space for you to leave shame, guilt, and discomfort at the door. I have personal interests in men’s mental health, life transitions, and working through couple relationship issues. My passion for understanding the male population derives from the patriarchy and wanting to end the stigma on males showing genuine emotions. Everyone is entitled to their emotions, especially those who have been shut down from society and do not know how to start expressing themselves.