Holistic Couple & Family Therapy is For Everyone

The first step to getting your life and relationships back on track is to ask for help. We’re so glad that you’re here and we can’t wait to meet you. Everyone has a different reason for seeking counseling, so we provide a safe and inclusive environment for you to work through whatever is troubling you.

Our team specializes in providing empathetic and practical solutions to help you and your loved ones, whether that’s your partner or family, move forward as one. Start learning to reconnect today.

Due to the overwhelming need for mental health services at this time, some of our therapists are full. If you have a specific therapist who you want to work with, know that we will try to fit you with them. However, if they’re full then we will route you to someone else at our practice that will be a good fit or find you outside referrals or resources if not.

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Trying to Find Our Office?

We’re located in downtown Chicago, right near Cloud Gate and the Crown Fountain. Parking is available at the Grant Park North Garage, which is right across the street. You’ll find our office at Willoughby Tower in Suite #2300.