Professional Family Therapy in Chicago

Get Everyone on the Same Page

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Resolving Conflicts Starts with Improving Communication

Holistic Couple & Family Therapy specializes in resolving the delicate and complex issues that modern families face every day. Our experienced and compassionate therapists create a safe and non-judgmental environment that allows each family member to be heard and validated. We’re here to help you restore the strength and unity of your family so you can move forward as one.

How We Can Help Your Family

  • Processing Divorce or Separation
  • Managing Difficult Teen Behavior
  • Helping Step-Parents Integrate
  • Parenting in Blended Families
  • Resolving Ongoing Conflicts
  • Transitioning Through Life Changes
  • Dealing with Addiction Issues
  • Understanding Mental Health 
  • Processing Depression and Anxiety
  • Working Through Grief and Loss

Restore the Strength of Your Family

The concept of home is incredibly important, no matter how young or old you are. Family therapy focuses on identifying issues that are causing problems, shifting relationship patterns, improving communication, and creating healthy new dynamics between family members. We’re here to help Chicago families to find resolution so we can restore a sense of peace and harmony at home.

Tackling family dynamics requires experience and expertise. That’s where the team at Holistic Couple & Family comes in. We provide professional guidance to help you build upon the strengths of every family member so you can learn to understand and respect each other. We’ll support you as you work through your issues, resolve challenges, and make changes that will last for years to come.

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How Family Therapy Works

Family therapy works best when every member is an active and willing participant in therapy. We know that can be difficult, because it’s common for family members to be on all different pages when they first start working with us, but we’re here to help you work towards common goals. Our therapists create a safe setting for everyone to speak their truth while introducing new ideas and teaching new skills that can help you better understand each other so you can grow together.

Experts in Family Therapy

Our therapists will support your family as you take meaningful steps towards achieving your goals. No matter what struggles your family is working through, we’re here to help.