Alexia Alcocer

Alexia Alcocer
MFT Intern


Alexia believes that we are all relational beings; every time a change occurs, it impacts how we feel, think, and perceive everything and everyone around us. Alexia decided to become a clinician because she has lived experiences that have made her explore her beliefs, stretch her expectations, and challenge her biases. “Nothing has helped me more than deconstructing and constructing who I am in a therapy space. My mission is to create a space for people to feel accountable for questioning who they are and want to be. I believe we can find meaning if we challenge ourselves, and I will support you in getting comfortable with yourself.”

Alexia loves working and connecting with individuals, couples, and families from different social and cultural backgrounds and is very curious about love, trauma, and grief. Alexia has a certificate in Medical Family Therapy and has worked for two years with families navigating cancer diagnoses. Alexia thinks and cares for others systemically, and she believes that if something happens to a member of the relationship or the family, the rest of the system is impacted.

Alexia’s approach to therapy is based on trust, empathy, and care. “I invite you to show up as you are and I will meet you there. My work is my sanctuary, and my goal is that you make this space your own; to understand your path and your possibilities towards regaining balance every time a change comes upon you. I am here to work collaboratively with you toward change by promoting your authenticity and curiosity, and by finding your strengths to challenge the thoughts, behaviors, or emotions that are not letting you take a step forward.”

Alexia is a Bilingual Mexican therapist (Spanish and English) and is comfortable doing therapy in either language. “I know language can be a barrier and I will make this a nonjudgmental space where we can learn together. In my day to day, I am a curious person, a coffee lover, my favorite moment in the day is when the sun sets, and there is nothing I enjoy more than sharing a table with friends and family, especially with my husband.”