Mia Caine
MFT Intern


I believe that each person’s experiences are valid and unique, and therefore people’s problems require individualized solutions. I also believe that there is not one “right way” to do therapy and will work with you to develop a space that works best for you. I offer an environment that is collaborative, non-judgmental, compassionate, and humorous that will challenge you to take accountability when it is needed. Together we can look at the aspects of your life that are not currently benefiting you and find a way for you to live your ideal life.

I am passionate about helping people accomplish their goals, (re)build their relationships with the people they value in their lives, and push through moments of feeling stuck. It takes a lot of courage and strength to begin the therapeutic process and I acknowledge the amount of trust that you will be putting in me during this time. I understand how my education and other aspects of culture inherently give me power in the therapy room, will not shy away from these conversations, and will do my best to ensure that you feel respected in this space. By combining my extensive knowledge about therapy, relationships, and systems and your expertise on your lived experiences I have no doubt that we can overcome the obstacles that you are facing.   

I received a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology and a certificate in diversity studies from Ohio University. I am currently receiving a Masters degree in Couple and Family Therapy from Adler University.

In my free time I enjoy walking, reading, spending time with friends and family, listening to music, and watching tv.